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Re: Nvidia and Fedora 3-5

On 3/23/06, Steven Pasternak <stevenp500 bellsouth net> wrote:
> Hi! I have been using Fedora since core 1, and since core 3, nvidia has
> always caused a problem. I always have to jump through hoops to get it
> to work. How come? On SuSE 9-10 Nvidia has never caused a problem. It
> doesn't complain that the kernel module can't be built or something
> weird like that. I was able to get it to work with core 5, but I had to
> get a new kernel, recompile an rpm, and install a boot-script (found out
> how on fedoraforums.org)!! What is up with that?
> -Steven

Suse and Fedora are not the same and the comparison is poor. Suse
specifically repackages the Nvidia driver with any modifications
needed for it to run (as well as many other drivers). As in they take
the extra time. Fedora itself does not do this as this is outside the
scope of the project (since it BEGAN). However third party groups
(such as the Liva yum repository) do repackage the driver for Fedora,
but it does not get set up "out of the box" in an install.

Plain and simple Fedora requires extra steps (whereas something like
Suse or Mandriva etc do many extra steps *for* you). If this wasn't
obvious (over the past 4 releases) I hope it is now.

With each distributions there are compromises. Suse is *very* nice
btw, if it serves your needs don't waste your time with Fedora.


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