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Re: fc-5 and selinux

Jacques B. wrote:
On 3/22/06, Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> wrote:
Have you tried the new policy on ftp://people.redhat.com/dwalsh/SELinux/FC5 ?


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I was having an issue with trying to host a site on a non standard
port and it was a SELinux issue.  I corrected it, but still don't know
SELinux and trying to learn more.  Do these policies get updated
during a regular yum update?  I read a recent post where it was
mentioned that there was a change being made for desktop users because
of issues such as the one discussed here (scanners & USB devices).  Is
this something that is done during a regular yum update?  Or a
template that we apply (like security policies in the MS Windows
world) if we so desire?


Jacques B.

Yes this will show up as a update release. Right now they are in the fedora-testers, to make sure there is no major regressions. They usually stay their for a few days and then I will move it to updates. Probably on Monday. I also throw them out on my people page immediately to get feedback as fast as possible.


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