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[OT] Re: Icons


This topic is a little Off Topic but I am reading the list for today and
thought someone here may be able to help

I am running FC4 with a gnome desktop, but am going to FC5 next week.

I had downloaded extra icons over a year ago; failed to back them up;
blew up my system a month ago and re-installed -- without the extra
icons, of course.  Now I can't find the source of those icons and don't
like the new ones I have found.  My question is:

Can someone direct me to really good sites for icons that work with
Gnome but are gnome theme neutral?  I like fairly slick icons; had a
site that used a metallic theme; and another site that had lots of
alternate application and generic application or images for manual or
text icons that were of equal quality with /pixmaps.  

Most the usual free icon sites look about four generations old.  Gnome
Art used to have a large collection; now it seems to be really trimmed

Regards Bill

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