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Re: [Hardware] Inexpensive Linux laptop

Jonathan Berry wrote:
Hi all,

I've been looking for an inexpensive laptop to run Linux on and was
wondering if anyone had any recommendations.  I really like the ~14"
widescreen form factor and definitely want something portable.  I'd
also like something fairly inexpensive, preferably < $750.  I usually
prefer AMD CPUs, but most of the AMD laptops out there use the ATI
X200 chipset, which I've not heard anything good about (as far as
Linux support).  So, I'm thinking maybe it's time to consider an Intel
based laptop.  Those seem to have fairly good open source driver
support (with Intel video and wireless).

So, does anyone have any recommendations?


I didn't see the intel video comment, frankly I think you'd be better off with ATI than intel as far as 3D graphics. I couldn't tell you much from personal experience though.

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