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Re: Trouble with Fedora and an Acer Aspire 3003WLCi Laptop

Carter Campbell wrote:
I am having some troubles with both Fedora Core Ver. 3 and Ver. 4, and the built in Ethernet circuit on an Acer Aspire 3003WLCi Laptop.

My problem is that while I can install Fedora Core 3/4 on the laptop without any real trouble, Fedora cannot find the Ethernet circuit. There is no eth0 listing, no mention at all of any networking devices at all. If I install different distributions, the Ethernet card works out of the box, but not with Fedora Core.

I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem? Any help with this, a starting point, would be greatly appreciated.


Carter Campbell

Can you lspci from a distribution that can see the network card, or a rescue disk or something? Or find out online what network chipset it is.

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