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Installing FC5 to dual boot with XP booted straight into XP


I did a bit of experimenting with a friend's XP box, we tried installing
FC5 onto its second drive for dual booting.

  /dev/hda Windows
  /dev/hdb Linux

The installation routine was told to install GRUB to the MBR
of /dev/hda, but it apparently didn't.  Post installation, we booted the
machine and it went straight into XP, no questions asked.

After that, I booted off the rescue disc, and manually installed GRUB,
and everything works fine, now.  So FC5 apparently installed, and
installed without any other problems other than a couple of SELinux
issues (bluetooth didn't work with enforcing, nor did Flash in Firefox
or Mozilla), we haven't tried it with the recent update to the SELinux
policy, yet.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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