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Re: Nvidia and Fedora 3-5

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006, Steven Pasternak wrote:

Hi! I have been using Fedora since core 1, and since core 3, nvidia has always caused a problem. I always have to jump through hoops to get it to work. How come? On SuSE 9-10 Nvidia has never caused a problem. It doesn't complain that the kernel module can't be built or something weird like that. I was able to get it to work with core 5, but I had to get a new kernel, recompile an rpm, and install a boot-script (found out how on fedoraforums.org)!! What is up with that?

It is a lot easier than that. (With the exception of core 5, but I will get to that.)

First, make sure you have kernel-devel loaded for your current kernel. ("yum install kernel-devel" should work.) You may also need xorg-sdk as well.

Download the nVIDIA driver from www.nvidia.com. http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html

Next, set your default init run level to 3 in /etc/inittab and reboot. (The driver will not build if X is running.)

Run "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-8178-pkg2.run" as root. (Yeah, I know, but it needs to install modules.) Answer the questions as you go. There is an option that will modify your xconfig for you.

Start X with the "startx" command to test. Should work. When you know it works, then change /etc/inittab to default to runlevel 5. (Or not, if you prefer having a bit more control over X loading.)

I have not gotten the nvidia drivers working with the latest FC5 kernel. (I have not tried very hard, to be honest.) There is a symbol that does not get built. I will have to look on nvidia's forums to see if there is a workaround. (I assume there is.)

Hope that helps.

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