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Re: FC5 issue with ndiswrapper

Am Freitag, den 24.03.2006, 17:20 -0500 schrieb Michael Wiktowy:
> On 3/24/06, Roger Grosswiler <roger gwch net> wrote:
>         i run NetworkManager with ndiswrapper without problem. Yes, it
>         supports
>         WPA. There is no need to start wpa_supplicant manually. Just
>         do "service
>         NetworkManager start" and "service NetworkManagerDispatcher
>         start" you 
>         will get the icon then. Double click it and add a new
>         connection. you
>         will then also be asked for encryption and all the rest.
>         HTH
>         Roger
> Did you have to do anything special to configure the NM and NMD
> service? 
> When I tried to start those services, they never completed the
> startup. It just goes off into oblivion and never comes back. No
> errors generated ... just never comes back with an "OK" or "failed".
> That is why I tried running NM manually as a daemon but that didn't
> help either. 
> Maybe I will try the ndiswrapper but I was hoping that there would be
> an open source works-out-of-the-box solution ... one can always
> dream ...
> /Mike
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in this case i've been lucky:

service NetworkManager start
service NetworkManangerDispatcher start



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