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Re: new question on mediacheck

On 3/25/06, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com > wrote:

The mediacheck program does not work reliably since the 2.6 kernel was
introduced. You might try to pass linux ide=nodma in order to use the
mdiacheck program with better results. The issue has to do with either
additional padding needs applied to the discs burned to overcome the
error, ide=nodma needs passed.

Anyway, do not be too concerned with the results from mediacheck if the
sha1sum is alright. I went through a set of discs myself back during the
switch to the 2.6 kernel.


Thanks Jim, but same was the case when I started with FC4.

Back to main problem.
UC, In the updates that are announced by fedora-announce-list, each file's sha1sum is available.
Can somebody point where the sha1sum of individual file can be found for the files included in the release iso's.
I just didn't see / notice this simple thing.

Anil Kumar Shrama
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