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Re: Why so little Slashdot love for Fedora?

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Hey guys, there seems to be a lot of love loss and incorrect perceptions about Fedora expressed on Forums such as Slashdot.org <http://Slashdot.org> , what is up with that? I am refering primarily to these two Slashdot posts:


What can the Fedora Project do to solve this? As much as I do not support pandering, the more tech minded users who believe in Fedora, the more contributions (I assume) there will be towards Fedora.

If they won't love you, the answer is to make them FEAR YOU!!!!

Just kidding, you can't win with the Slashdot audience as a whole, whatever you do the bulk of them are invested in some other mindset and they will post just to argue with whatever you are asserting. In addition, if you post against the views of the editors, not on Slashdot-related topics either, you may find your post abruptly going from +5 to -1 in the space of a minute or two, by mysterious powers unknown to mortals.

If you have time to read it, I guess you can find some true things about Fedora amongst the huge dollop of slime, otherwise time is better spent doing what you were doing and trying http://digg.com


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