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Re: Installing FC5 x86_64 With Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra

On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 00:01 -0500, Robert L Cochran wrote:
> I just tried to install FC5 x86_64 using both DVD and an NFS image 
> install on my wife's Athlon 64 machine which is equipped with:
> Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra video card
> Dell 2405FPW flat panel monitor (which includes a whole bunch of flash 
> card readers, USB and sound ports)
> When the DVD boots up the boot: screen image shows just fine.
> typing 'linux mediacheck' or 'linux askmethod' at the boot: prompt also 
> works fine until anaconda tries to bring up X.
> The graphical X installer wouldn't come up at all. Text utilities such 
> as mediacheck work fine.
> This means I can't install in graphical mode at all.
> I see from checking the postings that the problem is kernel-related and 
> a new kernel is expected. How do I get the install to work -- do it in 
> text mode and update to a newer kernel? Is there a way to get anaconda 
> to boot with a substitute kernel not on the installation CD?
This behavior is exactly what I experienced with my athalon 64 system
and an nVidia 6600 PCIe card.

I got the system to install by choosing text mode install, then had to
boot to runlevel 3 and play with the driver config for X.  At present I
have replaced the nv driver with the vesa driver in order to get
graphics to work. The maximum resolution I get right now is 1280x1024 on
a flat panel screen that is native 1600x1200.

I am trying the updated kernel from testing today to see if it winds up
with any improvements in the nv driver. 

Don't feel lonely with this.

> Thanks
> Bob Cochran

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