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Questions After FC4->FC5: Trash, nVidia Video Driver, Mono Packages

I have successfully upgraded from FC4 to FC5 on my x86_64 box, using
the DVD.  (Write up at

I have a few questions after one day of use:

1. When I drag a file on the desktop to the trash can, the file
disapears as I would expected, but the trash can remains empty, as if
it auto-empties anything put into it.  What is wrong and how do I
change it back to the old behavior of keeping the trash and empty
itself only when I ask?

2. I was using the nVidia video driver I downloaded from nvidia.com in
FC4.  After the upgrade and the reboot, I was informed (in text mode)
that my X configuration doesn't work anymore and would I like to
reconfigure it.  I said yes, and it went on to reconfigure X.  Now I
have a "NVIDIA X Server Settings" menu item in my Applications->System
Tools menu, with the nVidia logo.  Does this mean I don't have to go
to nvidia.com and download their driver?

3. When I do "Add/Remove Software" I see a separate category for
either Mono or Mono development.  I have to go to the list view and
select what I think are part of Mono.  Can I find a complete list of
Mono software that's included in FC5 somewhere on the internet?  Or
better still, is there a better way of installing all the Mono stuff
without going through this trouble?

Thanks for the FC5 team for a polished product.

Weiqi Gao (高为奇)
weiqigao gmail com

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