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Re: Installing without a CD drive

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
> Could someone list the procedure to do this (I have the iso images on
> disc)? It's not in the Installation guide.

Do you already have Linux installed?  If so, you can do a hard disk
installation without even creating a boot floppy.

The main thing that you will need is a spare partition to hold the ISO
images.  This partition (obviously) needs to be formatted with a file-
system that the Fedora kernel can read; ext2/3 and FAT32 will certainly

Assuming that you've got such a partition, and you've moved the ISO
files to it, the next step is to extract the installation kernel and
initrd from the first ISO and copy them to your /boot directory.

  * mount -o ro,loop ISO_FILE MOUNT_POINT
  * mkdir /boot/fc5inst
  * cp MOUNT_POINT/isolinux/{vmlinuz,initrd.img} /boot/fc5inst/
  * umount MOUNT_POINT

Now edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and create a new entry called "INSTALL
Fedora Core 5".  It should be relatively straightforward to figure out
the root device and the path to the kernel and initrd.  (If it isn't,
you may want to use the boot floppy image that's located somewhere in
the first ISO.)  The only kernel parameters required are hardware-
specific stuff.

Now you can reboot your system and select a hard drive installation.
Point the installer to the partition and directory in which you've
placed the ISO images and proceed as normal.  You will get a pop-up
warning when the installer searches for existing installations; it will
try to mount the partition which contains the ISO images and complain
when the mount fails (because it's already mounted).

Hope this helps.

Ian Pilcher                                        i pilcher comcast net

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