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Re: slow FC4 to FC5 upgrade

>> I am curious as to why DMA might foul up mediacheck or installations,
>> but be okay once you have an installed system? 

Paul Howarth:
> The kernel code for detecting the end of the data on an IDE CD doesn't
> work reliably when DMA is on.

Hmm, sounds like something that ought to be fixed, rather than worked
around.  Surely it's possible?

> I usually do NFS installs myself, so I never have to burn the downloaded
> ISO to removable media and don't encounter this issue. It's also faster
> than installing from CD/DVD.

On my network, I found HTTP installations using individual RPMs in an
installation tree to be the nippiest.  I suppose if I had enough RAM to
open an ISO in one go that might be quicker, something certainly makes
that approach slower.

But, as you said, there are sometimes situations where you can't do it
that way, and using the disc(s) is the least awkward (even if very

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