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Re: worth upgrading/ installing?

On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 20:01 +0200, Georgios Petasis wrote:
> > ----
> > It's not as if you have given us anything to go on except for a
> > reference to using GUI login as root which is not recommended.
> Well, I didn't suggest to run your desktop as root  for every-day use:-)
> But for finding problems, I think its a good idea to not having to
> type the root password after some time to run the various configuration
> tools.
No - your methodology is perverse. You can do a number of different
things including adding yourself to /etc/sudoers so you can do things as

GUI is not designed to be run as root. I'm surprised KDE even allows you
to login as root...sounds as if you are using runlevel 3 and as
root...typing 'startx'

> > obviously most people are not having the same issues so it would be
> > likely that it has something to do with your hardware or possibly
> > something you are doing in configuration that is causing issues.
> I am still trying to see what is happening. While the hardware problem
> is always open, the system is fairly new and has a few working hours
> (as it is my back-up machine). The mainboard is a gigabyte GA-K8NNXP
> with nForce3 150 chipset, with 2x512MB kingston value ram (which
> has been tested with memtest86 many times). The disk is a plain
> 120GB ATA WD one and the graphics card is an old MSI with nvidia
> Geforce 2 MX-200 with 32 MB ram. Finally, a 500 W power supply from
> Antec. The machine was running just fine untill the FC5 install.
> Now, from my ignorant testings, I think that the locks relate to using
> KDE as the desktop (which I prefer). The locks do not seem to happen
> when using gnome. Also, the locks *also* happen when I use KDE
> inside a VNC server, so I am not so sure that the problem relates to the
> graphics card (Xvnc is not related to any graphic card, isn't it?).
> It wasn't SELinux as I had initially thought... Are there any KDE
> FC5 users? Do they have similar problems? I tried to run KDE
> with my FC4 config files & with a new user (without config files) and
> I got a lock in both cases. And with lock I mean a complete freeze
> of the machine: it does not respond to network, mouse or keyboard.
> Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing. Even caps lock does nothing. I have to reset
> the machine when I reach there. And there is no mention of this in any
> of the logs...
and this happens as a normal user or as root?

At least this explains how you are getting access as root and bypassing
the login GDM/KDM - why don't you remove vnc server instances for root
and not use X as root and see if the lockups stop.


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