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FC5: Disabling DMA for CD-ROM Drives?

FC5 Users:

With FC5/2.6 Kernels it appears DMA for CD-ROM Drives is enabled by default, which does NOT work properly with my Drive/System... During Installation I had problems with the Media Test failing (even though those same CD-Rs which compared fine under CentOS3/2.4 Kernel) and Anaconda would complain about unreadable RPMs part way through Installation... Although typing "linux ide=nodma" at the installation's boot prompt did allow the Media Tests and the Installation itself to complete, running the installed system with "ide=nodma" effects harddisk performance!!! On my installed system one solution was enabling IDE-SCSI Support on CD-ROM Drive, although that generates a warning at boot time:

  ide-scsi is deprecated for cd burning! Use ide-cd and give dev=/dev/hdX as device

and therefore may NOT be good long term solution... FC5 does NOT appear to respond to the boot-time parameter "nocddma" and previously HDPARM included a SYSV INIT Script allowing DMA control over individual devices (which appears to have been dropped)... Does FC5 provide another mechanism for controlling the DMA Settings on individual Devices???

Lawrence Houston  --  (fedora greenfield dyndns org)

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