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Re: Trouble booting FC5 from DVD

On Saturday 25 March 2006 18:40, Paul Howarth wrote:
> Some BIOSes specify the CD/DVD drive in the "boot order" part of the
> setup menu, others (some Dells I've used) have a separate menu (the
> Dells use F12 to access it at boot time) which lets you boot from CD,
> USB etc. You'll need to poke around your BIOS menus anyway.
When you boot up, most motherboards show a spash screen for a couple of 
seconds, then start checking the ram (some people switch off these features, 
but they are usually the default).  At that point there are a couple of 
seconds only when a message is displayed at the bottom of the screen that 
tells you how to get to the BIOS settings.  Hitting Delete is a common one, 
with F2 as probably the second most common.  If you get to the right key in 
time it will finish the checks then open up the BIOS screens.  Read through 
them - they may surprise you, and you never know when someone will ask you 
something related to that.

In my experience the settings for boot order are usually on about the third 
page, often labelled Advanced or something similar.

One thing that would be very useful is for you to make a note of the BIOS 
maker and version.  Sometimes it helps people to help you if you can give 
them that information.

As for why it no longer boots from the CD/DVD - it's likely that someone who 
has done some job for you on the computer changed the setting.  Many people 
feel that it is safer for the default to be to boot from the first hard 


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