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Re: The pet supermarket relay?

On Saturday 25 March 2006 20:19, Barry Yu wrote:
> The first time I encountered this problem was using Thunderbird (Which I've
> been using all the time - setup with pop ans smtp, my messages were
> blocked, and then I used webmail, but apparently still being blocked.
Barry -

You send a message to the list
The list accepts it
The list sends a copy to every member
One of those members sends this annoying challenge email direct to you

Because it is sent direct to you (and to everyone else who posts any messages 
at all) there is nothing that the fedora list managers can do about it.  What 
you can do depends on how you normally read your mail.  I don't use 
Thunderbird, but the old Mozilla Mail used to have a setting page for what it 
called 'pop filters'.  If TB has such a setting that is where you tell it 
that you don't want to receive any messages from that particular web address.


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