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Re: The pet supermarket relay?

Barry Yu wrote:

*/Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com>/* wrote:
How are you sending mail? Are you using pop3 or using the web
interface? If I am determining the information from the message source,
you are using the web interface via http. See if you can setup one of
the many email clients, (evo, moz, tbird, kmail ...) and see if you are
still getting your messages sent through a third party. There should be
a page that explains how to setup pop3 mail on the sbcglobal homepage.


The first time I encountered this problem was using Thunderbird
(Which I've been using all the time - setup with pop ans smtp, my
messages were blocked, and then I used webmail, but apparently still
being blocked.

Well that shoots down that theory. I believe the sbcglobal web interface tears up the messages quite a bit. Thunderbird mail as you previously used is probably better. With SBC, do you get about 5 accounts to use? What would happen if you created a sub account and set it up via tbird and subscribed with the new account that you created to fedora-list? My second hunch, since my first hunch was off target is that you are the account which the petsmart relay is setup to. I really suppose that you are alright and that sbcglobal is not blocking those postings as roadrunner seems to be blocking from petsmart or whatever it is called. I never got one of those messages but dd get the autoreply from a previous problem with pwahaley or whatever it was.

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