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Re: The pet supermarket relay?

On 3/25/06, Daniel B. Thurman <dant cdkkt com> wrote:
I see you are blowing a gasket here :-)  All I am saying is that by my
OBSERVATION I simply note that I get the pet supermarket emails when I
post email to the fedora user's list.  I send mail everywhere else and
I do not have Pet supermart mail replies sent to me.  Where the problem
ORIGINATES I have NO IDEA nor did I offer to think where it might be.

Yes, I can block messages from Pet Supermarket so that is not a problem
for me.

Kind regards,

I think everyone is annoyed at this problem and that raises the level of frustration all around.
The problem is well known but tricky to track down.
To summarize:
- Someone has subscribed to the fedora-list using one email address.
- They have that email address automatically forwarding all their mail to another address at uol.com.br.
- uol.com.br has a dumb challange-based spam filter that strips out any tracking info out of its replies.

The consequence:
- Every person that emails to fedora-list wil get an echo email back from uol.com.br's spambot

The solution:
1. everyone filters the spambot replies into the trash at their end
   - an easy solution that everyone has to take part in but is permanent
2. the list administrator goes though each email address one by one sending dummy verification emails to try and trigger the spambot and then delete that subscriber
   - a harder solution that only the list administrator has to do but has to be repeated every time someone decides to play this trick
3. the list administrator triggers a real verification email to cull the dead addresses
   - everyone has to be involved on a regular basis to do whatever verification is needed to prove they are not a spambot or a dead address ... usually requires clicking on a link ... has the potential of unintentionally booting people off the list that were not paying attention.
4. everyone contacts the admin at uol.com.br to try to convince them to stop doing this for known mailing lists
   - problem is not everyone knows Portugese and several attempts at this have gotten no response

So solution 1. is the most convenient way to go at this point, unfortunately.


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