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Re: FC4 firewall and port forwarding


I am doing exactly the same thing you are doing.  Contact me directly and I 
will send you my firewall script using iptables.  You can then change it to 
fit your environment.  


On Saturday 25 March 2006 5:01 pm, Noah wrote:
> > > Any other URL suggestions from others?
> >
> > Be aware that port forwarding has nothing to be with the distribution
> > that you are using; it is something that you do on your modem/router.
> > The posterior configuration of the firewall, depends on the firewall
> > you have installed.
> Hi Paul,
> I think you are missing something.  My FC4 box is my router, firewall, NAT,
> two ethernet ports installed, and is on the edge of my network.  I want to
> configure it to port foward certain ports into my internal home network.
> The URL you sent talks nothing about configuring port forwarding on an FC4
> box.
> cheers,
> Noah
> > Paul
> >
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