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A little Samba help please

I've been trying to get Samba to work for a long time and I think I'm 
close now.  I can see my network from Linux with only one small 
issue.  Sometimes the first time I try to open a share with Nautilus 
(is is still Nautilus in FC5?) it give me an error message that I 
might not have permission.  The next time I try it it opens just 
fine.  It isn't all shares, just some that do that.  They are all 
Windows shares though.

My real problem is seeing my Linux shares on the Windows box.  They 
show up in the My Network Places but when I try to open them I get 
KJLAPTOP\share is not accessible ... Access Denied.  This problem was 
with directories I created.  If I share /usr/share for example I can 
see it just fine.  I've played with setting the SELinux context with 
chcon but I got nowhere.  What is different about a directory I 
create and one that is already there?

I have my Samba server settings configured for Authentication Mode = 
Share, Encrypt Passwords = Yes, Guest Account = No Guest Account, and 
the only Samba user is nobody.  That doesn't seem to matter anyway.  
The Share is configured as Writable, Visible and Allow Access to 
everyone.  The ports are open.

It works when I use a directory that was already there but not with a 
directory I create.  I want to create a directory in /var.  Anybody 
got any ideas?

My system is recent FC5 upgrade from FC4.  No other problems seen.

Thanks very much,

Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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