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Re: FC4 firewall and port forwarding

From: "Paul Smith" <phhs80 gmail com>

On 3/25/06, Noah <admin2 enabled com> wrote:
> > I am little new to using an FC4 for a firewall and port forwarding.  Somebody
> > send me a good tutorial URL so I can see the best configuration convention to
> > get things working properly on the machine.  I have not found a good howto
> The following may be a good start:
> http://www.portforward.com/

I understand the concept of port forwarding.  I am looking for specific
configuration information for FC4.  I dont see anything like this on the site
you recommend.  If you have more specific URLs that would really be helpful.

Any other URL suggestions from others?

Be aware that port forwarding has nothing to be with the distribution
that you are using; it is something that you do on your modem/router.
The posterior configuration of the firewall, depends on the firewall
you have installed.


Oh, don't try to tell that to MY Linux firewall machine, Paul. I have
included both (and mostly) nat forwarding and in one specific case
literal forwarding to an internal server for a specific purpose that I
open up rather rarely.


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