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Re: worth upgrading/ installing?

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, Motor wrote:

breakages had I seen the performance improvements I was hoping for with

xawtv, qc-usb, and a fe wother things cry like a baby as well, I find it takes longer to load and start up programs, I installed on my test machine
things like mozilla firefox take up to 30 seconds to load.
a most common thing like lsusb from usbutils isnt instlaled, heck, lets remove lspci as well in the next release :)

install took nearly 90 mins, the same test best had a full slackware 10.2 on it in 30, even FC1/2/3 was done in 30. FC4 wasa compelte cockup and we enver went near it.

But i will say on face of it FC5 is much better than FC4 apart from these things, i mean at least the official iso's dont have to be lied to and made to error before you can even install this time round :D
FC5 will remain only on the test machine for the immediate future here.
bleeding edge? well bleeding it is lol...
its bene on it for 2 days, we'll see after a week or so before i consider allowing it to go on desktops

GNOME... but I didn't. And all in all, I have to say that I wish I'd
stayed with FC4.

This is why the gold rule is backup, after my frustration with FC4, I had FC1 back on this box within 20 mins thanks to rsync and cp ;)


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