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RE: will hde be hd1 in grub.conf?

    I wonder if my boot problem could be due to the fact that
the first drive still has its partitions marked as Id 83
and not as fd for Raid Autodetect? Even though only the
second drive has the actual RAID partitions created and
populated on it, couldn't booting off of the first drive
create a problem is the root in grub is set to a raid
partition and the first live drive it finds doesn't have
the correct partition ids? I've seen at least one protocol
for converting to RAID-1 live that had conversion of both
drives partitions Ids to Raid Autodetect (despite the fact
that only one has md partitions at that point).


Also I noticed some articles suggested adding...


to the grub kernel line options as well however I
can't find that grub usage documented anywhere else.
ps In case I wasn't clear, the second drive with the
md partitions already has those partitions set to

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