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Re: fc5 X performance is a mess!

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 13:49 +0200, Boris Glawe wrote:
> My gpu is an nvidia geforce 5200, my machine is Athlon XP2800+ with 1GB 
> PC3200 RAM on an Asus Board - short: my machine is very fast. I haven't 
> installed any proprietary drivers from nvidia yet, since the kernel 
> still refuses to load non-gpl modules and because nvidia's installer 
> doesn't work properly with FC5.
> Normal work on the desktop with both gnome and kde results in almost 
> 100% CPU usage all the time. The last time when I had such a slow GUI 
> was, when I ran FC4 on a 300Mhz Pentium II. Browsing simple pages with 
> maximized windows (for example: 
> http://www.canon.de/For_Home/Product_Finder/Cameras/Digital_SLR/index.asp?ComponentID=164045&SourcePageID=26009#2 
> ) even locks up my whole desktop for seconds.
> Top shows me that it's the X Server that eats up all my CPU.
> The CPU usage is even that high, that the bandwidth of my dialup 
> connection shrinks to a tenth of the normal rate while the X-server is 
> calculating.
> It's not only browsing the web. The whole desktop is much slower then 
> before. Another example is the gnome-terminal. Actually it's not the 
> gnome-terminal that eat's the cpu but the X-Server again. Anyway, when 
> compiling things an a remote machine (via ssh) the X-Server consumes my 
> whole CPU only because gnome-terminal requests to paint one line every 
> tenth second. The remote machine compiles faster then my machine can 
> paint the output!! A workaround is placing another window over the 
> gnome-terminal. The CPU usage goes down to almost zero in this case.
> Another strange thing is that I cannot always reproduce this behaviour. 
> Sometimes things go fast sometimes my machine seems to have locked up 
> for seconds.
> Can you confirm this? In my case it's that bad, that I am going to delay 
> an upgrade from FC3 to FC5 of about 50 Client machines. The GUI is in 
> fact not usable!
> What could be the reason for this? Is it the new cairo library in gnome?
> thanks for hint!

Do you by chance have beagled running?  Although I have not experienced
it, I have seen messages that beagle can cause similar conditions.

It is not gnome, but rather something else that triggers this behavior
under certain conditions as you yourself said above.  It is
intermittent, sometimes fast and other times dog slow. 

Perhaps perusing the testing list may give you come hints, or a check of
bugzilla may help.

> greets Boris
> P.s. There's one thing concerning performance, that I appreciate very 
> much: it's the startup time for gnome. It's almost as fast as xfce!!

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