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Re: yumex vs yum

A.J. Bonnema wrote:
Hi all,

I just installed FC5 without any big problems (ATI card aside).

From Yumex I found that installing some packages resulted in success && these packages not being installed. Repeatedly. Using 'Yum install' the packages were successfully installed and the rpm's were really installed.

I was wondering whether any of you guys encountered this problem?
Is it a bug? Should I report it?

P.S. I am running AMD64 with the 64-bit version of FC5.


If you are using the yumex version from Extras, a bug report would be helpful to inform the developer / maintainer that there is a problem so it can be corrected. I had a similar problem with pup during the development cycle. Reporting the problem resorted in a fix for the program. (Actually policies for SELinux related to the program.)


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