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Re: Help with bash script

Am So, den 26.03.2006 schrieb Fajar Priyanto um 8:16:

> I want to do an rsync of my qmailtoaster directory 
> (/home/vpopmail, /var/qmail, etc) from another machine.
> Since this involves several directory, can anyone help me how to make the bash 
> script so that the second rsync command will wait util the first rsync 
> command finishes? I think we can use sleep command, but I'm sure there is 
> more appropriate ways (such as using exit code?)

That is the default case: each command is executed after the other. What
you could try is using:

command1 && command2 && command3 ...

This means the following command is only executed if the other finished
successfully. But that is probably not what you want regarding the error

An alternate could be to write a little script which makes use of
temporary PID files. Let each rsync command create such a PID file and
let the following rsync command only start if the PID file of the former
rsync got erased by the terminated command. An advanced example can be
found on


under "rsync".

> I imagine the script will be like this (pls mind the word wrap):
> #!/bin/bash
> rsync -avzgorp --delete -e ssh root 192 168 1 200:/var/qmail/ /var/qmail/

Hm, why all these options? You are using "-a", so it already sets
"rlptgoD". Your options combination could just be "-avzD". ("-D": are
there really devices in what you rsync?).
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