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Australian timezone oddity between two similarly configured FC4 boxes


I've got two FC4 boxes, both have the hardware clock set to UTC (to run
on UTC time, and they're both showing the same time), both are
configured for the correct Australia/Adelaide timezone, both use NTP to
keep synced to real time, both have the same tzdata rpm file installed,
yet one box is proclaiming it's 2:32am and the other is proclaiming it's
3:32am.  No amount of fiddling (without manually setting time, which
would put the hardware clock out of kilter) is fixing this, can anyone
offer me some clues?

$ cat /etc/sysconfig/clock

$ rpm -q tzdata

Things are being made a bit more awkward, this year, as the summertime
changeover has been postponed from the usual time.  So some unmodifiable
gadgets will get this wrong.

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