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Re: basic server, no gui's

hbrhodes wrote:
is it terribly hard to set up a server (stick it in the basement you know), and hook other computers to it? i'm thinking it would involve a minimal install, with the server options from the install. Then i would have to modify some files like /etc/hosts.allow, deny, an maybe the firewall (what ports to open up?), and user permissions?

i'm thinking the firewall would be done with iptables, and i could set group permissions to something like "users" or something. my goal is to set up a computer that i can put httpd on, and have it set up so i can put all my files on it without worrying about losing them if i decide to format my upstairs computer!

Your best bet is a dedicated router-oriented distro like Coyote Linux <http://www.coyotelinux.com/>

I've been using the floppy based version for years as the gateway for my home LAN. It's very secure, easy to install and maintain and requires minimal hardware resources.


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