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Re: FC5 - good when installed, difficult to install

Timothy Murphy wrote:
I see now there are suggestions that one should stop dma on the CD-reader,
though I haven't seen any precise instructions on how to do this,
and it does not seem to be mentioned in the documentation I have read.

Boot with "linux nodma"
I would have tried installing from hard disk,
though I noticed that this is no longer offered as an installation option.

Boot with "linux askmethod" or use the boot.iso image.
Actually, X did not work after the upgrade.
I found this was due to the fact that xorg now uses xfs to access fonts
rather than explicit FontPath's.
(Maybe this change was older than FC5?
I may have been using a compiled version of xorg.)
As far as I can recall, X uses xfs at least from FC2 forward. I dont have a FC1 install handy , but I believe that was also true on that version.

Pedro Macedo

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