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Re: Removing packages

Ali Helmy wrote:
yeah well, how exactly do i "use" yum?

yum --... what exactly?

On 26/03/06, *Robert P. J. Day* < rpjday mindspring com <mailto:rpjday mindspring com>> wrote:

    On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Ali Helmy wrote:

    > Hey mates,
    > I need to un-install from my computer:
    > Epiphany Browser
    > Ethereal Network Analyzer
    > Chainsaw (log4j viewer)
    > LogFactor5 (log4j management GUI)
    > Evolution Suite (for mails, schedules, contacts,... etc)
    > So how exactly do I list find and list all their rpms so that I
    can remove
    > them using rpm?

    use yum.


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A. Helmy
If you are using fedora 5, than use redhat's new graphical frontend to yum, pirut (should say something like 'Add/Remove Software' in the menu). Just go to search and type in the apps you want to get rid of, and select them for removal.

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