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Re: Removing packages

Ali Helmy wrote:
yeah well, how exactly do i "use" yum?

yum --... what exactly?

On 26/03/06, *Robert P. J. Day* < rpjday mindspring com <mailto:rpjday mindspring com>> wrote:

    On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Ali Helmy wrote:

     > Hey mates,
     > I need to un-install from my computer:
     > Epiphany Browser
     > Ethereal Network Analyzer
     > Chainsaw (log4j viewer)
     > LogFactor5 (log4j management GUI)
     > Evolution Suite (for mails, schedules, contacts,... etc)
     > So how exactly do I list find and list all their rpms so that I
    can remove
     > them using rpm?

    use yum.


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A. Helmy

yum remove package-name1 package-name2

There will probably be dependencies that Yum will list. You'll need to remove those, too, once you know what they are. Of course, you may wind up breaking something else. Proceed cautiously.



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