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Re: Do I Really Want Beagle??

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, David Cary Hart wrote:

Life was fine without it. Is there something I am missing or is the
bloat more than the benefit?

Some people are easy to please. If you have to ask, what you want is better hardware so beagle doesn't slow things down.

Beagle is a system that indexes the contents of your files. Most people find it hard to track down the email that addressed a particular issue after a certain amount of time has passed, and we all end up with far more documentation than we have time to read, so without effective search tools, you can't hope to tap more than a tiny fraction of the information on your disks. Over the years there have been many such systems. Beagle is considered to be one of the best and has support for many current file formats that older tools don't support.

I just read a report in one of the glossy trade magazines. Seems a usability test was done for a linux desktop configuration with Beagle. The users didn't try Beagle "because seaching doesn't work in Windows so how could it work on linux!". After revising the tests to require use of Beagle, users found they like it.

George N. White III  <aa056 chebucto ns ca>

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