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FC5 release and Grub


Please bear with me, but it appears that if you plan
to install FC5 release as multi-boot, i.e. anything
outside of anaconda grub-install's default setup, you
may in in for a bit of a surprise... but your milage
may vary.

I have installed FC5 several times now and I find
these facts at least on my system:

1) NON Multi-boot, first time install of FC5
   Results: Installation completes and all works.

2) Multi-boot partitions:

   P#1: 10GB: FAT32 Win98SE
   P#2: 10GB: NTFS  Win2KPro
   P#3: 75MB: ext3  /boot
   P#$: 110GB Extended
        20GB  NTFS  /App1
        30GB  NTFS  /App2
        30GB  NTFS  /App3
        30GB  ext3  /

  Special Grub install instructions:
    a) Add:    /dev/hda3 (hd0,2) # for /boot - make this default
       Delete: 'Other' - no use for it

    a) Black screen - nothing appears, nothing is running
    b) Reboot with rescue CD; chroot /mnt/sysimage
        i) cd /boot
       ii) All files are there: kernel, initd, grub directory
      iii) cd grub
       iv) Only one file appears: splash.xpm.gz
        v) Rebuild grub:
           1) cd ..; mv grub g1; grub-install /dev/hda3
           2) Examine/Rebuild grub:
              x) grub directory created and all stage 
                 files are built, but missing are:
                   grub.conf & splash.xpm.gz
              y) cp /boot/g1/splash* /boot/grub
                 vi /boot/grub/grub.conf
                 *** Add correct entries w/ hd0,2 as primary target
                 Save file (:wq!)
       vi) Grub is rebuilt manually, remove rescue CD & reboot
      vii) Multi-booted Fedora, splash appears, initrd runs BUT
           1) Unable to open /etc/fstab
           2) Unable to create swap: Unable to open: /etc/fstab
           3) Since X11 cannot start, Anaconda based setup appears
              requesting setup for Authentication and a MANY other
              setup defaults.
           ABORT (Control-Alt-Del)

  Ah... so it seems that FC5 release results in a very good
  release but it is not doing well for me :-(

  What can I do with the problem with /etc/fstab?  Is this
  a SELinux issue  or what?

  Please advise,

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