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Re: Any HAM Radio Fedora stuff

From: "Ferguson, Michael" <ferguson BRVMLAW COM>

G'Day All,

Are there any HAMS on this list.
I am quite comfortable with Linux (Red Hat and Suse) and own all paid
versions of Red Hat up to ES4 and Suse ES 9 or 10, not sure.

Tell me, are there any HAM related Open Source software that might prove
befeficial for a newly licensed HAM?
I am also looking for any software that will be configure my new ICOM

Thanks and 73s
<< jdow >> Well, I have not done much with ham radio via Linux. It seems
to be, on the whole, far behind Windows in this regard. But you might be
able to run a lot of the stuff under Wine if Wine properly supports audio.

I know of an SSTV application for Linux. Beyond that I understand there
are quite a few applications around. But I've never gone looking. I don't
generally do "unusual" stuff on the Linux machine. It is not nice to play
with firewall machines that way. {^_-}

And of course, the utility of the various applications that are out there
will vary with your normal usage modes. I've sort of fallen off UHF down
to the HF spectrum at the moment.

{^_^}   Joanne

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