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Re: FC5 - good when installed, difficult to install

Timothy Murphy wrote:

Boot with "linux askmethod" or use the boot.iso image.

How exactly does one use the boot.iso image?
Can one use that to install, or only to upgrade?
Where exactly is this documented?

You can upgrade or do a fresh installation. I have done both with the development tree.

1) Download the boot.iso file from the mirror you intend to use.
2) Burn the boot.iso file to a RW disc preferably. The image changes periodically. (At least for development)
3) Write down the ftp or http destination that you intent to use.
4) Start the installer and choose either ftp or http
5) Enter the site name like ftp.mymirror.com in the first screen
6) Enter the path on the mirror like /pub/fedora/linux/core/5/i386/os
7) Installer starts to download the stage 2 portion
8) Installer gets to a point just as you are installing off local media.

I take it that you can install from CD, hard drive and possibly iso files also. This is from memory and I have not tried to install a non-development version. I may be wrong on some points listed above.
There may be a document somewhere. I do not know of one though.


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