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Re: Any HAM Radio Fedora stuff

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 20:25 -0500, Ferguson, Michael wrote:
> G'Day All,
> Are there any HAMS on this list.
> I am quite comfortable with Linux (Red Hat and Suse) and own all paid
> versions of Red Hat up to ES4 and Suse ES 9 or 10, not sure.
> Tell me, are there any HAM related Open Source software that might
> prove befeficial for a newly licensed HAM?
> I am also looking for any software that will be configure my new ICOM
> W32A.
> Thanks and 73s 
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Hello Michael,

Welcome to ham radio. I can´t help you with the Icom software but if you
want to try, without installing, several general purpose ham related
programs, download the Knoppix cd made by DG7MGY. AR/AFU 3.7 is the
version I have. Do a search on the call sign to get the web page. The
default language for the cd is German but if you look for the ¨cheat
codes¨ in the readme file before installing, it includes directions for
changing the keyboard layout to other languages. I think Suse, before
being bought by Novell, used to have a number of ham programs included
on the distro.

Fred, KL7FE


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