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Re: home permission

Eric Tanguy wrote:
Le vendredi 24 mars 2006 à 10:03 -0600, Mike McCarty a écrit :

Eric Tanguy wrote:

I have a special user created by fedora-usermgmt for a daemon (uid 102
gid 102) this daemon needs to read a rep in my home directory so i tried
to make my home directory readable by anyone but the daemon still have
no access to the directory. someon could explain that ?

Not enough info. Please do this:

$ ls -ld /home/my_user_name
$ ls -l  /home/my_user_name/file_daemon_needs_to_read

and show us the output.


ls -ld /home/tanguy/
drwxr--r-- 68 tanguy tanguy 4096 mar 24 23:14 /home/tanguy/
[tanguy bureau ~]$ ls -ld /home/tanguy/videos/Amityville.avi
-rw-r--r-- 1 tanguy tanguy 737034114 déc 31
02:59 /home/tanguy/videos/Amityville.avi

The UNIX file permisions are kinda screwy. For a file, the
"x" attribute means "execute allowed", but for a directory
"x" attribute means "can change directory to this place".

Try adding "x" to your directory, it may help.

$ chmod 754 /home/tanguy

You may need 755.

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