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FC4: Creating updates DVD as yum repository

I'll start with my question, which is 'Is it possible to prepare a DVD-based yum repository containing the downloaded FC4 updates'.
I've included some more stuff below in case you are interested why I would want to and what I have tried so far...
I am preparing a standalone platform (no internet) with FC4.
Having installed from DVD I want to apply the latest updates.
I have taken the following approach:
1. Download all updates.
2. Remove old kernel packages from download.
3. Remove i386 packages that are covered by an equivalent i686 package.
4. Burn RPMs to DVD.
I have attempted installation as follows:
- Login as root.
- $ rpm -Fvh /media/cdrecorder/*.rpm
RPMs begin to be installed but eventually it falls over - can't remember exact error. Anyway I can then individually install the RPM that fell over without error, perhaps satisfying its dependencies at the! same time. I can continue with this cycle of error/fix/continue and would probably eventually get everything updated - but this is not a viable approach.
Hence, my question - How can I prepare a yum repository on a DVD containing the download updates? Or, is there another way of acheiving my goal of installing the updates easily.
Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Richard Conway (richard rconway co uk)
Tel: 01462 647202 / 07748984662

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