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Re: A question about NetworkManager

In my gnome sessions I have "nm-applet --sm-disable" as a start up program. I do not think there is a menu item.
The applet should stay hidden until the NetworkManager service is started.


Timothy Murphy wrote:
akonstam trinity edu wrote:

The activation can also be done by the Network Monitor applet.
What exactly do you mean by the Network Monitor applet?
I see the following items in my Fedora menu:

        System=>Network Device Control
        Internet=>Network Folder Wizard
        Administration=>Network Configuration

I tried all of these but had no success with any of them.

What _precisely_ did you do?
Ie what commands did you give,
or which icons did you click?

Right click on the panel. Choose Add to Panel. One of the options will
be to add Network Monitor to the Panel.

You misunderstood me.
I do not see anything in my Fedora-5/KDE menu called "Network Monitor",
so I do not see how I can add it to the panel.

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