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Re: lvm over raid confusion

Paul Howarth <paul <at> city-fan.org> writes:

> If you boot the installer CD with "linux rescue" (is that the same as 
> the rescue CD?) and let it find the system you want to rescue on your 

I think it *is* the same.

> hard disk, it'll mount your existing system under /mnt/sysimage and give 
> you a shell prompt into which you can do the chroot command, edit 
> /etc/modprobe.conf and run mkinitrd. I did this myself on Saturday night 
> when an FC5 upgrade fell over at the last moment.

Right. But it doesn't mount the existing system for me! ("Can't find any Linux
partitions"). I wonder if the rescue initrd doesn't have the raid modules
compiled in either... 

Hm. These seem related:

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