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Re: lvm over raid confusion

Jack Tanner wrote:
Paul Howarth <paul <at> city-fan.org> writes:

If you boot the installer CD with "linux rescue" (is that the same as the rescue CD?) and let it find the system you want to rescue on your

I think it *is* the same.

hard disk, it'll mount your existing system under /mnt/sysimage and give you a shell prompt into which you can do the chroot command, edit /etc/modprobe.conf and run mkinitrd. I did this myself on Saturday night when an FC5 upgrade fell over at the last moment.

Right. But it doesn't mount the existing system for me! ("Can't find any Linux
partitions"). I wonder if the rescue initrd doesn't have the raid modules
compiled in either...

Seems unlikely (without checking).

Hm. These seem related:

Hmm, curious. I've successfully upgraded my home desktop, which has 6 RAID1 arrays, without issues. I did, however, have an issue with some old LVM metadata:



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