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Re: FC4: Creating updates DVD as yum repository

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
Richard Conway wrote:
> */Todd Zullinger /* wrote:
> Richard Conway wrote:
> > Having installed from DVD I want to apply the latest updates.
> >
> > I have taken the following approach:
> > 1. Download all updates.
> > 2. Remove old kernel packages from download.
> > 3. Remove i386 packages that are covered by an equivalent i686
> package.
> > 4. Burn RPMs to DVD.
> >
> > I have attempted installation as follows:
> > - Login as root.
> > - $ rpm -Fvh /media/cdrecorder/*.rpm
> Instead of using rpm, try yum:
> yum localinstall /media/cdrecorder/*.rpm
> Thanks for your suggestion for this undocumented yum feature (well it's
! > not in the man page anyway).

Erm, yes it is:

Is used to install a set of local rpm files. If required the
enabled repositories will be used to resolve dependencies.

> This is heading towards what I would like to achieve - however it is
> performing an 'install' of all of the! RPMs on the DVD rather than
> performing an 'update', i.e. only installing if I already have an older
> version of the RPM.
> I suppose I could prepare the DVD to only include the rpms I have
> installed, but I was hoping (originally) that the rpm freshen command
> could deal with this. Also there might be some new dependencies that I
> would have to deal with.
> There doesn't seem to be a 'yum localupdate' command so maybe I will
> have to prepare the DVD more carefully as I described.

Erm, yes there is:

Is used to update the system by specifying local rpm files.
Only the specified rpm files of which an older version is
already installed will be installed, the remaining specified
packages will be ignored. If required the enabled
repositories will be used to resolve dependencies.

(both from "man yum" on up to date FC4 (yum-2.4.1-1.fc4))


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Ah, but I have version 2.3.2-7 of yum - that which came originally with FC4. The man page mentions neither localinstall or localupdate. The usage statement does at least mention localinstall, (but not localupdate).
Despite this I have run with localupdate which does seem to be recognised, however I have some dependency problems. I shall investigate further tomorrow.

Richard Conway (richard rconway co uk)

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