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Re: My Epson scanner now works - without USB 2

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, David Fletcher wrote:

This sort of problem seems to have been around for a while now. I've found a
way to get mine to work with FC5, by disabling USB 2 support on the
motherboard using a BIOS setting. So long as the scanner is connected to a
motherboard USB connector and switched on BEFORE logging in. I've written up
my findings and opened a fresh bugzilla report:-


It would be really useful I think if anybody who has an Epson scanner could
take a look at this bug, and see if the same is true for their equipment.

Many thanks to anybody who can try this out.

What model of scanner?

I have an Epson scanner, but have never seen that problem. I do know that my Epson scanner will not work through a USB hub. It has to be directly plagged in. (And that is not just Linux. Windows has the same problem. It says so in the instalation instructions.)

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