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Re: Installing dependencies only

Paul Smith wrote:
On 3/26/06, Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
Is it possible with yum and with only one instruction to install not a
certain package but all its dependencies?
That is the normal behaviour.  You ask for one package, and if you
already have all the dependencies you will get one package.  If you
haven't got them all you may find that it says it needs to install 3 or
more.  It always asks permission before installing.
Thanks, Anne, but it is not what I wanted to mean: imagine that the
package x.rpm has, as dependencies, the packages y.rpm and z.rpm; in
this case, I would like to install only the dependencies, i.e., only
y.rpm and z.rpm, and NOT x.rpm.

All I can suggest, then, is to ask yum for the original package, then when it
lists the necessaries, reject the install and give a new yum command listing
the required dependency packages.

It seems a rather strange requirement, so telling the reason for the
requirement may spark of some better solution from a more knowledgeable
Taking my example above, x.rpm is not supplied by any repository;
then, a simple method to install it is

yum localinstall x.rpm

With this procedure, I will know the dependencies, which I will install before

rpm -ihv x.rpm

as "yum localinstall" is not able to install x.rpm due to the fact
that x.rpm is not signed.
Two ways of installing x.rpm plus its dependencies:

First way, doesn't involve changing any config files:
# (echo config gpgcheck 0; echo localinstall x.rpm; echo run) | yum -y

(that's all one line)

Second way, involves file edits first:
Edit /etc/yum.conf and change gpgcheck=1 to gpgcheck=0
Edit all of your /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files and add gpgcheck=1 to any
repo entry that doesn't have a gpgcheck entry.

Then you should just be able to do:
# yum localinstall x.rpm

Thanks, Paul. I will try to automate your first solution with a script.

Another possibility you could consider would be to install Thomas Springer's YUM GPG Signature Check Plugin (http://www.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/~springer/yum-plugin/), which adds a --gpgcheck option to yum, so you can do:

# yum --gpgcheck=0 localinstall x.rpm


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