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Re: bittorrent slow

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Monday 27 March 2006 03:23, Mike McCarty wrote:

Gene Heskett wrote:

On Friday 24 March 2006 10:53, Mike McCarty wrote:

Huh. When I saw my first "glass TTY" running at 300 Baud, I was
ecstatic. The fastest equipment I'd used up to that point ran
at 175 Baud, and not all of it was that fast.

Oh, a youngster I see.  I can remember when AP and UP both ran at 60
baud.  That was of course real teletypes, not glass ones.

Err, I *did* say that not all of them ran that fast. I don't
recall 60 Baud, I do recall 75. And, yes, it was all mechanical.
Are you sure about the 60?

I think the ones we had at KRCR in the late 70's were 60, might have been 75 though. Teletype 15's IIRC. By the time I arrived at WDTV,

Yah, after I re-read that (after cliking "Send" of course) I remembered
it was 150 Baud, not 175, the 150 being 2x as fast as the 75 (which
was heaven at the time). Those little rotating cylinders were so *fast*

I recall getting a chuckle when I saw the first IBM Selectric typewriter
and was introduced to the "new" technology of the rotating golf ball.

they were up to something over 100, Teletype 28's then. Either machine was the electric equ to a common hockey puck as long as you gave the motors a shot of 10w occasionally. Legibility of the output was optional though as you well know. Bent hammers, cockeyed characters were the rule of the day.

Lines? What lines? Our characters made *paths* across the pages, usually
more horizontal than vertical. But it was rare to see two adjacent
characters with vertical alignment on the ones which used keys like
the typewriters. Those little cylinders were much better.

As for maintenance... squirt a little oil on once a month when the
keys start to stick, and use a brush once a year when the oil
won't free it up. Polish the contacts on the keyboard once a year
by folding up a piece of 3x5 card and putting it between them
and sliding it back and forth.

It's better not to come into contact with the comm wires, though :O

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