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Re: D4X failed dependancy

Am Mo, den 27.03.2006 schrieb Ali Helmy um 20:05:

> I downloaded the d4x (Download For X, a download manager like getright) rpm
> to install in FC5, but i am caught in a dependency problem. I had d4x
> installed on my FC4 machine before, but now, i cant seem to resolve the
> problem
> The problem is:
> [root Laptop RPMs]# rpm -ivh d4x-2.5.6-1.i386.rpm
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         libcrypto.so.5 is needed by d4x-2.5.6-1.i386
>         libssl.so.5 is needed by d4x-2.5.6-1.i386
> So naturally, i tried
> [root Laptop RPMs]# yum provides libcrypto.so.5
> [root Laptop RPMs]# yum provides libssl.so.5
> But on both casesgot:
> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
> Searching Packages:
> Setting up repositories
> core                                                                 [1/3]
> extras                                                               [2/3]
> updates                                                              [3/3]
> Reading repository metadata in from local files
> Importing additional filelist information
> No Matches found
> so, anyone got any ideas?

> A. Helmy

check your yum configuration that it really uses the proper Fedora
Extras 5 repository. The current FE5 d4x package would be

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