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Re: What's wrong with the kernel?

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 14:48:58 -0500 (EST)
tfreeman intel digichem net wrote:

> While strictly speaking, that entry answers the question, IF I read it 
> correctly the details are a _little_ thin. Of course, the details I would 
> like to know probably don't belong in that particular document.
> Specifically, my question would be "Why are the non-gpl'd kernel modules 
> not supported in the release kernels?" and "Is there a semi-simple 
> work-around available?" 

Because a kernel symbol was changed from a regular export to a GPL export
becoming unavailable for linking by proprietary modules.   This change
has been reverted, you can grab the new kernel from updates-testing.

> Since my video cards are NVidea based, I'll wait until I can use the 
> non-gpl'd modules before investigating FC5 for my own use. 

The open source nv driver is worth trying.

> I suspect that such details may be found over on the developement list, 
> and I may get enough ambition to go look for myself. OTOH, if somebody has 
> a summary or a direct pointer, I sure would be obliged.

Most discussion happened on the testers list:


See the reply from Dave Jones.


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