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Evolution FC4 to FC5 migration

Migration for evolution 2.2.3 (FC4) to evolution 2.6.0 (FC5) 

After clean install of Fedora Core 5 

I restored the directories:-


On starting evolution 2.6.0 (FC5) the "evolution-data-server-1.6" would
immediately say it has quit unexpectedly and would I like to restart it?

On  "evolution-data-server-1.6" restart it would remain running. 


Re-setup the IMAP accounts otherwise for mail all the old email was
present and new email was filtered using the old email filters. Email
side appeared to work. 


Calendar seemed to be working with all old calendar items present. 


Only 20 of 755 were shown and a message of searching was present in the
status bar. Any attempt to search for a contact locked up evolution. 


Stop evolution --force-shutdown then remove the the old "addressbook.db
and  addressbook.db.summary (save them somewhere as some may have
another solution for updating them) from:-


Opening evolution now doesn't cause "evolution-data-server-1.6" to
crash. Contacts is now empty but the whole of evolution now seems much

I then imported a previously saved saved "list.vcf" VCARD of the whole
contacts database from evolution 2.2.3. 

All may 755 contacts restored and working in evolution 2.6.0

So unless someone else has a better solution for evolution contacts
migration make sure you save a VCARD of your contacts in FC4 evolution
before clean FC5 install. 

Andrew Gray <andrewg linnetsol co uk>
Linnet Solution Ltd

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